Interstate Batteries

When you're looking for America's No. 1 replacement battery, Interstate Batteries takes the title. For more than 60 years, Interstate Batteries has cultivated a reputation for reliability, performance and innovation. Each year Interstate sells over 15 million car batteries across the U.S., and all of them come complete with a receipt-free warranty.

Interstate Battery Dealer

Firestone Complete Auto Care exclusively sells Interstate Batteries because their quality is unparalleled. With more than 1,700 Firestone Complete Auto Care locations in the U.S, you're never too far away from an Interstate battery store, or the world's best car battery. Find the address and hours of the Firestone Complete Auto Care Interstate Battery dealer near you.

Did you know?

Interstate Batteries is one of NASCAR's longest-running partners. Interstate Batteries has sponsored race car # 18 since 1994.

Interstate Battery Services

At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we're proud to offer complimentary battery checkups and electrical testing. We also recycle your old car battery. All of our locations are open seven days a week for your convenience, and no appointments are necessary.

Interesting Facts

Commitment to quality is the company culture at Interstate Batteries. A recognition of the company's care in the workplace and its employees, Interstate Batteries was named one of the top 150 places to work in the nation in 2013. Quality batteries, and a quality work place.

Interstate Batteries: Committed to the Environment's Health

Interstate Batteries is No. 1 in lead-acid battery recycling in the U.S. They've been committed to the environment since the mid-1950s - long before green was "in." All Interstate Batteries personnel are Green Standard-certified, which means all marine batteries are securely handled at all times. The company's national recycling program complies with all U.S. Department of Transportation and environmental regulations.

Each year, Interstate recycles one billion pounds of batteries. Over the life of this recycling program, Interstate Batteries responsibly recycled more than 400 million batteries. If you laid all those batteries out length to length, they could circle the planet three times. These actions demonstrate commitment to the planet. And this is exactly why Firestone Complete Auto Care stands behind the Interstate car battery as its exclusive auto battery product.

Interstate Car Battery: Pride in Quality

  • Interstate Batteries are made with 99.9 percent pure lead, which means they have longer life between recharges and more power after each recharge.
  • Interstate Batteries are engineered with industry leading technology.
  • Firestone Complete Auto Care offers warranties on Interstate car batteries up to six years, no receipt necessary.
  • Interstate car batteries require no maintenance under standard operating conditions.
  • Interstate Batteries has been featured in USA Today, Fortune and the Wall Street Journal as the top automotive battery sold.
Interstate Batteries – Outrageously Dependable™

Which Car Battery Is Right For You?

Select a replacement auto battery from any one of our Interstate Batteries.
  • Interstate PowerFast® Battery

    Interstate PowerFast®

    18-Month Free Replacement

    • Maintenance-Free

    Regular Price From $99.99*

    Internet Price From $7999*

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  • Mega-Tron II Battery

    Mega-Tron II®

    -Year Performance Warranty & 24-Month Free Replacement

    • Maintenance-Free

    Regular Price From $119.99*

    Internet Price From $9999*

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  • Mega-Tron Plus Battery

    Mega-Tron Plus®

    -Year Performance Warranty & 30-Month Free Replacement

    • Maintenance-Free

    Regular Price From $139.99*

    Internet Price From $11999*

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