Car Battery Recycling with Firestone

Like all good things, eventually the life of your car's battery must come to an end. When this happens the Firestone Complete Auto Care team has a car battery recycling program that can help you dispose of your old battery in an environmentally responsible way.

Find your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care store location to recycle and replace your car battery.

Why Do We Need Car Battery Recycling?

Car batteries are complex, chemically-rich mechanisms filled with plates, plastic, lead and acid that, if not disposed of appropriately, can cause great harm to the environment. When a car battery is recycled, the acids are neutralized, the lead is separated, and the harvested materials are reduced and reused in a variety of ways. Perhaps most importantly, though, the auto battery recycling process saves batteries from landfills and prevents toxic chemicals from being released into the soil and water supplies of our communities. Car battery recycling is part of the Firestone Complete Auto Care process.

Where do I Recycle my Car Battery?

All of our Firestone Complete Auto Care stores will recycle your old battery when you replace it with a new Interstate battery. Our goal is to create services that positively impact the environment, conserve resources, and preserve natural habitats for our families to enjoy today, and their families to enjoy tomorrow.

Recycling After a Car Battery Replacement: Recycle and Transport is Easy with Firestone

Because of their high toxicity, dead automotive batteries need to be handled and transported with extreme care. It is recommended that gloves and safety glasses be worn at all times when moving a dead lead-acid automotive battery, and it is mandatory that all dead batteries be transported upright in secure waterproof containers. This last part is especially important if the dead battery is leaking or shows any visible signs of past leakage.

If gloves, glasses, and leaking battery acid aren't your cup of tea, you can skip the hassle by letting Firestone remove and replace your old battery at one of our 1,700-plus Firestone Complete Auto Care store locations.

Just have a cup of coffee, let us replace your battery, and leave your old battery with us free of charge for responsible auto battery recycling. We'll make sure your dead battery is properly handled, transported and recycled. Find a location near you and visit Firestone Complete Auto Care today.

Did You Know?

The #1 Most Recycled Product in the U.S. is the Car Battery.

98-99% of car batteries in the U.S. are recycled, keeping harmful chemicals out of water and soil.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

A car battery averages a 4 year lifespan with variation occurring due to:

  • Temperature.
  • Driving habits.
  • Electrical system condition.
  • Number of charge / discharge deep cycles.
  • Battery electrolyte fluid / water level.

Did You Know?

Car Batteries Are Most Likely to Die in Winter Heat takes a toll on auto batteries. After the summer months have weakened a car battery, fall and winter see more battery casualties than any other time of year. Protect yourself with a free battery checkup and maintenance at Firestone Complete Auto Car. We also offer a free online virtual car battery tester that will give a car battery life prediction result.

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