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Synthetic Motor Oil

Across the nation, Firestone Complete Auto Care automotive technicians perform over 19,000 oil changes every day. When changing America's oil, our tire and auto service professionals use only the best motor oil - Kendall oil.

Since 1881, Kendall Motor Oil has been a leader in motor oil that protects engines and keeps cars running. Kendall oil is exclusively manufactured with a Liquid Titanium protection additive that increases fuel economy and protection against engine wear. Kendall Motor Oil is known as an industry leader - Kendall Oil engineered the first motor oil for winter use and the first 2,000-mile motor oil back in 1928. Kendall motor oil has a history of quality performance and long lasting protection for automotive engines.

All Firestone Complete Auto Care stores carry Kendall full synthetic oil, Kendall synthetic blend, and Kendall high mileage motor oil. The next time you're due for an oil change, bring your car into a local Firestone Complete Auto Care store and experience the difference that a Kendall oil change can do for your vehicle’s engine performance and long lasting protection.