Career Path: Technical Careers

Technical Careers

The heart of what we do is helping customers keep their cars running newer, longer. For many, this means helping them maintain their vehicle to avoid repairs while for others, it means fixing something that has stopped performing as it should. Our technicians have the skills and certifications to diagnose what is wrong with a vehicle and to provide the right solution.

Careers in Technical include:

Lead Technician

As a lead technician, you’ve accumulated more than 5 ASE certifications and have been getting cars back on the road for over 5 years. You are not only a specialist in automotive diagnostics and repair; you are a mentor to the other technicians in performing the solutions necessary to care for our customer’s vehicles.

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Senior Technician

As a senior technician, you have at least 3 ASE certifications and over 3 years of real life experience working on vehicles. You are a specialist in automotive diagnostics and repair who uses your technical and communication skills to educate our customers on what we’ll be doing to get their vehicle back on the road.

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Being in the middle of all the action is what excites you. It means opening the hood and looking underneath to find what is going on. Here, you’ll use your technical training, your real-world experience and your problem-solving abilities to provide the solutions that keep customer’s vehicles in top shape.

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Maintenance Technician

If you love working on cars and have a desire to learn more, start here. As a Maintenance Technician, you’ll learn basic diagnostics and skills needed to work on virtually every vehicle on the road today.

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