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Car Air Conditioner

The job of a car air conditioner is to, “condition” the air in your car. Not only does the car A/C regulate temperature, it also regulates and reduces the humidity present in your vehicle. Within the A/C, thermodynamics are at play.

How Auto A/C Works?

Step 1:
The compressor consumes low pressure gas A/C Freon and turns it into high pressure gas - the pressure can be as high as 300 PSI.

Step 2:
The Freon high pressure gas is then pumped in to the A/C radiator, where the Freon gas converts into a liquid as a result of the high pressure, air flow and cooler temperature. When this change occurs, the gas dispels latent heat.

Step 3:
The Freon liquid passes through a valve, it loses pressure and begins to boil and moves through the evaporator.

Step 4:
Once in the evaporator, the Freon liquid converts back to a gas and returns to the compressor, where it will once again increase in pressure and then change into a liquid in the radiator.

When your car A/C is on, this cyclical process repeats continuously. In plain speak, these components suck the heat out of air, dispel it out of the car via the radiator, and pass cold air through the evaporator into the car.

Come on by your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care, and our Tire and Auto Service Professionals will check your vehicle's air conditioner system and make sure everything is functioning properly. Keep cool for the next hot summer day with the A/C working correctly on your vehicle.