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Parking Brake

An e-brake - also known as the emergency brake, hand brake or parking brake - is attached to a cable that is directly connected to the brake system. When you engage the e-brake, the cable is immediately pulled and the e-brake is activated. The e-brake is used to keep your vehicle stationary when parked and in emergency stopping situations.

The e-brake is independent from the vehicle's hydraulic brakes and can save your life in the event that the hydraulics brake ever fail you. The e-brake should not be used during regular driving, as it can damage the e-brake cable or the brake shoes and rotors in your hydraulic brakes. Engaging the e-brake during regular driving can also result in spinning out, which is why the e-brake is only meant to be deployed while driving in an emergency - giving it the name “emergency” brake. If you ever do find yourself in the rare but dangerous situation of failing brakes, try to engage the e-brake slowly to slow the vehicle down and minimize the likelihood of spinning out. Bring your vehicle into Firestone Complete Auto Care and we will inspect everything, from the brake fluid to the brake pads, calipers and rotors.

Emergency Brake Stuck

Is your emergency brake stuck? At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we offer a free brake check and will inspect your emergency brake / hand brake for free. Our Tire and Auto Service Professionals can assess whether your e-brake cable needs an adjustment, needs repair or replacement. Over time, an e-brake cable can weaken and become rusted or corroded, which can cause the emergency brake cable to lose slack or even snap. An emergency brake can also become stuck in freezing weather.

Cars serviced at Firestone Complete Auto Care run newer, stronger, longer. Come experience the Firestone difference with a free emergency brake inspection at your neighborhood Firestone Complete Auto Care store today.