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Car Brakes: Rotors and Drums

When it comes to brake parts, Firestone Complete Auto Care uses the best - and that's why we use Qualis brake drums as well as rotors by Qualis. Qualis drums and rotors are engineered to perform to the high standards of the original equipment your car came with, matching it for metallurgy, surface finish, longevity and dimensions. Qualis drums and rotors afford your vehicle greater heat resistance, superior stopping and a safer, longer life. Qualis is the only name Firestone Complete Auto Care trusts when it comes to rotors and drums.

Brake rotors and drums are the components of your vehicle's braking system that allows the vehicle to slow and stop when the brake pedal is pressed down. Brake systems are complex, and every component needs to be in strong, working order to ensure your vehicle's brakes work properly, and keep your passengers safe. For service and brakes you can trust - right down to the brake disc rotors and brake drums - bring your car to Firestone Complete Auto Care.

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