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Disc Brakes and Drum Brakes

Every car has two front brakes and two rear brakes. Cars manufactured before 1970 tend to have drum brakes in the front and in the rear. Cars manufactured after 1970 tend to have either disc brakes on all four wheels or disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear. Both brake types use a hydraulic braking system as well as a brake pad or brake shoe to create friction and cause a vehicle to stop when the driver applies pressure to the brake pedal. Firestone Complete Auto Care offers brake services for both types of brakes.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes utilize calipers, brake rotors and brake pads. Each disc brake has a brake pad on both sides that push against the brake rotor when the driver applies pressure to the brake pedal. Disc brakes offer the best stopping power as disc brakes are commonly used by high performance cars.

Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are enclosed within the wheel cylinder and have brake shoes that press out against the drum when the driver pushes the brake pedal. Drum brakes have springs that retract brake shoes, causing less drag and improving fuel economy.

Firestone Complete Auto Care's Tire and Auto Service Professionals replace and repair disc brakes and drum brakes. If you have any questions regarding your car's braking system, call or visit your local Firestone Complete Auto Care store. We've been taking care of America's cars, disc brakes, drum brakes and brake systems since 1926. Experience the Firestone difference today with a free brake checks to give you a peace of mind.