Potenza RE050A RFT

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Original equipment on many high-performance vehicles, the Potenza RE050A RFT is built for the pleasure of driving. This tire comes loaded with race-proven technology: a tread pattern that promotes rapid water evacuation, variable dimensions in the tread blocks, and a smoother shape to reduce road noise. An asymmetrical tread pattern in the RE050A RFT tread increases surface contact to enhance acceleration and cornering. Run-Flat technology allows the Potenza RE050A RFT to continue to operate safely at a speed of up to 50 mph for a distance of up to 50 miles under normal driving conditions with zero inflation pressure. Put this Potenza through its paces and discover what ultra-high performance really means.


Features & Benefits

    • Feature: Summer Tread Design
      Benefit: Offers tenacious grip and superior handling on wet or dry roads for driving enthusiasts.
    • Feature: Steel belt construction
      Benefit: Adds durability and resists punctures
    • Feature: Reinforced Sidewall
      Benefit: Support the weight of the vehicle and passenger even with a loss of air pressure with thicker sidewall, generally designed for RFT tires, made of special heat-resistant rubber
    • Feature: O-Bead
      Benefit: Improves uniformity and ride comfort through use of a single continuous strand of cable in the bead construction
    • Feature: L.L. Carbon (Long Link)
      Benefit: Helps improve tread wear and resist cracking, chipping and tearing through the use of a special long length carbon structure
    • Feature: Lateral Grooves
      Benefit: Efficient evacuation and channeling of water that helps reduce hydroplaning and improves wet traction
    • Feature: Circumferential tread grooves
      Benefit: Evacuates and channels water efficiently to help reduce hydroplaning and to improve wet traction
    • Feature: Asymmetrical tread pattern
      Benefit: Features large tread block elements on the outside shoulder features for dry performance, while the inner shoulder is comprised of a greater number of smaller tread elements to improve wet weather and snow traction without significantly sacrificing dry performance.
    • Feature: CO-CS (Computer Optimized Component System)
      Benefit: Maximizes tire performance by optimizing the appropriate combination of tread design, casing shape, materials, and construction.
    • Feature: Spiral Wrap
      Benefit: Encircles the whole tire with a continuous nylon wrap , helping the tire hold its original shape to improve high speed capability.


Speed Rating

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Detailed Tire Specifications
Available Sizes Speed Rating Load Index Technology Mileage
205/45R17 W 84 RUN FLAT -
205/45R17 W 84 RUN FLAT -
225/45R17 V 91 RUN FLAT -
225/45R17 W 91 RUN FLAT -
255/40R17 V 94 RUN FLAT -
255/40R17 W 94 RUN FLAT -
245/45R18 W 96 RUN FLAT -
245/45R18 (Y) 96 RUN FLAT -
205/40R18 W 82 RUN FLAT -
215/40R18 Y 85 RUN FLAT -
225/40R18 W 88 RUN FLAT -
225/40R18 W 88 RUN FLAT -
225/40R18 W 88 RUN FLAT -
225/40R18 XL W 92 RUN FLAT NONE
245/40R18 W 93 RUN FLAT -
245/40R18 Y 93 RUN FLAT -
275/40R18 W 99 RUN FLAT -
245/35R18 Y 88 RUN FLAT -
255/35R18 W 90 RUN FLAT -
255/35R18 W 90 RUN FLAT -
255/35R18 W 90 RUN FLAT -
275/35R18 Y 95 RUN FLAT -
275/35R18 W 95 RUN FLAT -
245/40R19 W 94 RUN FLAT -
245/40R19 (Y) 94 RUN FLAT -
245/40R19 (Y) 94 RUN FLAT -
285/40R19 (Y) 103 RUN FLAT -
285/40R19 (Y) 103 RUN FLAT -
225/35R19 XL Y 88 RUN FLAT -
275/35R19 W 96 RUN FLAT -
255/30R19 XL Y 91 RUN FLAT -
245/35R20 (Y) 91 RUN FLAT -
245/35R20 XL Y 95 RUN FLAT NONE
305/35R20 (Y) 104 RUN FLAT -
275/30R20 XL Y 97 RUN FLAT NONE
Bridgestone Potenza RE050A RFT large view
UTQG Rating

What’s this?

  • Treadwear: 140
  • Traction: A
  • Temperature: A