Great drivers in Formula 1, at the Indianapolis 500, in moto-cross, super-cross, karting, monster trucks and dozens of other forms of racing have relied on our tires to provide the consistency and durability needed to win. Our involvement with motorsports provides more than thrills, it contributes to the design and production of improved tires for everyday street use. This transfer of technology is a very important reason why you’ll see Bridgestone and Firestone tires in the top forms of motorsports.
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Proper Care to Make Your Tires Last

Proper tire care starts with… you. Getting the most out of your tire investment includes the care and maintenance that you can do.

Tire Speed Rating Explained

The speed rating of a tire indicates the speed category at which the tire can carry a load under specified service conditions.

Nitrogen in Tires

A tire filled with compressed air will lose 1 PSI in less than a month; with nitrogen this could take three months or longer.

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