The Spent Tire Initiative

Our Spent Tire Initiative
Leaves No Tire Behind.

For every tire you buy from us, Firestone Complete Auto Care sees a tire to valuable
reuse – whether it's your old tire or one we find in the community on your behalf.

How the Spent Tire Initiative Works.

No Tire Left Behind.

  1. 1. You Purchase

    Buy tires from one of our 2,200 nationwide stores. Thank you for your purchase!

  2. 2. We Collect or Find

    We take your old tire or aim to find another spent tire in the community to match the one purchased (one-for-one).

  3. 3. Reused or Recycled

    We find a company that can recycle or reuse this tire for another valuable purpose.

The tires we receive see 100% reuse.

That Means Zero Waste.