Environmental Benefits

How Your Spent Tires Are Used

Seeing spent tires put to good use is
important. Make that essential.

That's why we're committed to seeing them through to valuable reuse, repurposing or recycling.
Join us and we'll pave the way – together.

What Spent Tires Are Used For.

Everyday Items Made From Repurposed Rubber.

  • Rubberized

    Regular asphalt is mixed with crumb rubber – a.ka. ground-up, spent tires – and it's used to pave roads. Since about 1,500 tires are used for every lane-mile of rubberized paving, a lot fewer end up in landfills.

  • Tire-Derived

    Shredded scrap tires can be used as fuel, and they produce the same amount of energy as oil and 25% more energy than coal, according to the EPA. They burn cleaner, too.

  • Railroad

    These days, trains chug down durable railroad ties, albeit ones made from rubber-encased steal-beam cores. These tracks are over 200% stronger than their creosote-soaked cousins. Plus, they last 60- to-90 years.

  • Flower

    Flowerpots, planters and baskets can be made from old tires. Whether you call them quirky, eco-chic or straight-up useful, they give tires a serious second wind.

  • Shoes

    Rain, snow, sleet. Mountains, hills and tired feet. Tire-soled shoes help you weather them all. Both practical and eco-conscious – heck, even trendy – they help you (and tires) march on. And on.

  • Purses

    Handbags. Wallets. Cutting edge carry-ons. Ones made from rubber aren't just functional – they're fashion-forward and rugged. They're slip-resistant, too.

Industry Standards vs. Our Standards

Industry Recycling Standards


In 1990, only 11% of spent tires saw reuse.


According to the Rubber Manufacturer's Association's study, 84.9% of spent tires saw recycling or repurposing in 2009.

Our Spent Tire Reuse


By the end of 2012, 100% of spent tires received by our retail stores went to valuable reuse.