Spent Tire Community Cleanup

Organizations We Team With

The Events we support are
making a difference

See them in action via our Flickr photo stream.

Our community cleanup program partners with Portland-based non-profit the River Network, which protects waterways
through 2,000 state and regional organizations. We recycle all spent tires collected during these River Network
efforts – free of charge.
We'll do the same for independently organized events through River Network, too.

We can support your river, lake and public land
cleanups if you fill out a cleanup request form.

Wildlife Habitat Council

We work closely with the non-profit Wildlife Habitat Council

to restore, enhance and certify land surrounding our manufacturing facilities. Several tire plants – including the
Beech Facility in Morrison, Tenn., and the Wilson Plant in Wilson, N.C. – feature educational classrooms and
habitats for students and community groups.

We Also:

  • Plant and nurture near-extinct trees and plants, such as the American Chestnut.

  • Host environmental outreach and education events at our habitats and refuges.

  • Welcome environmentally themed academic competitions.

Green Our Grounds

When feasible, we use spent tire material on our properties, perhaps as mulch around trees,
as soaker-hoses for landscaping or as anti-fatigue mats for our employees.