Our Partners

Who Makes The Spent Tire Initiative Happen

Tire Reuse Experts

Our Partners in Grime.

  • Liberty Tire Recycling

    Liberty Tire Recycling collects and processes tires in small towns and big cities nationwide, saving more than 130 million scrap tires from waste each year. They become crumb rubber for asphalt. Tire-derived fuel and mulch for landscaping and playgrounds, too. Some even see a new life in automotive parts, paints and coatings.

  • Lakin Tire

    Lakin Tire is a national, circa 1918 scrap tire collection service. In addition to repurposing spent tires for innovative new uses, they sell tires and tire casings to manufacturers. Then, the spent tire material sees valuable resuse.

  • Vanderbilt University

    We work with great minds from Vanderbilt University's Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management to figure out new, creative, cutting edge ways to recover and reuse spent tires.

Working With Legislatures

We've worked with state legislatures to reduce piles of abandoned, spent tires from over a billion nationwide to less than 112 million.

Reduced by 88%

1 Billion

112 Million