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Firestone installs only the No. 1 replacement battery brand in America, Interstate Batteries®. Trust their batteries every time you start your day.

Source: Brand Equity Study, 2018



Generations of auto technicians nod with approval every time they see the Interstate green color under the hood of a car. Because they know long-lasting parts, they only trust tough, long-lasting batteries. Just like Firestone’s experienced, skilled technicians.

Firestone only delivers the best service with the best parts. And Interstate never stopped developing stronger, more durable and more powerful batteries.

Because you rely on your car. Your car connects you to the job interview, the sales call, the restaurant, the grandparents, the conference and to get home. And your car relies on a long-lasting battery.

Getting there starts here. 



Today’s driving takes more electricity, and only absorbed glass-mat (AGM) batteries can power it all: backup cameras, remote starting, seat warmers, autonomous lane-keeping and collision-sensing braking.

Thanks to an innovative design that allows for significant accessory load over conventional batteries as well as robust construction to withstand start after start, temperature swings and vibration. AGM batteries last longer and give more power.

The AGM battery may be right for you, whether your vehicle came equipped with new tech or you’ve added it to your vehicle. 

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Free Battery Testing

At any Firestone Complete Auto Care Location

Never get surprised by a dead car battery again. Take control at your local Firestone. With our advanced automotive battery testers, Firestone technicians can predict how long a nearly dead battery will last. Do you have six months left or only two weeks?

One in four batteries on the road today should be retired. Odds are, they’ll fail at the worst possible time. Why wait? Take control today. Schedule your fast, free battery check today to stop dead batteries before they stop you. 


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Your car dies when your battery dies.

You know your car battery provides the jolt of electricity necessary to start your car. Every vehicle needs a specific amount of power, which means a specific battery. (Look up your battery.)

Every car relies on the battery to start its electronic components, from air conditioning to seat warmers. Your vehicle’s alternator supplies most of the power once the engine’s going, but it can only get going when your automotive battery gives it the juice it needs.

When you turn the key, you trigger the battery to do its job: delivering voltage to the starter.

Batteries store their electricity as a potential chemical reaction. As it recharges, that potential grows until your automotive battery’s ready to fire up the engine again.

Your automotive battery does so much more.

It’s closely tied to your vehicle’s starting and charging systems, working in unison to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy, and then back again. The starter cranks the engine. The engine’s turn spins the alternator, which generates power for onboard electronics, engine sensors and recharging the battery. It’s a cycle, one that keeps you going while preparing for your next good start.

Any Firestone Complete Auto Care location is ready to make sure this cycle keeps going. Schedule a free battery test now or get one for free with any oil change or tire service. 

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