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Car Leaking Oil Your Oil Leak Stops Here

We will find & fix your engine oil leak, fast! Schedule your oil leak repair before those little drips turn into a big problem.

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Cars may be created equal, but they don't stay that way. If you start noticing lingering splotches, puddles, or stains in your parking spot or driveway, it’s time to head to your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care as soon as possible. The fluid could be harmless condensation from your air conditioning system, but it could also be something much more serious—engine oil. Engine oil lubricates the pistons in your engine, making sure that they glide smoothly within their housing. Without this lubrication, the pistons can grind against other engine parts, generate intense amounts of heat, and cause your engine to seize and stall. Talk about potentially irreversible damage! If your vehicle is showing signs of an oil leak, it's time to schedule an appointment at Firestone Complete Auto Care for expert oil leak repair services.

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There may be a number of reasons why your car’s engine is leaking oil, each of which our technicians will investigate. Oil leak causes include:

  • An oil drain plug gasket that’s not sealing properly
  • Other damaged or worn out gaskets or hoses
  • A damaged oil pan
  • A corroded oil cooler line
  • An improperly installed oil filter
  • A missing gasket

Help stop motor oil pollution by getting your oil leak repaired at a Firestone Complete Auto Care near you.

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The best thing you can do to stop an oil leak? Don't ignore it! If you're wondering how to fix an oil leak on your own, prepare to get a little dirty. Many oil leaks are due to worn out engine gaskets, oil seals, or bad connections. In order to stop an oil leak, you'll need to find its source, and this part can be pretty tricky!

Unless you have the correct tools, like a torque wrench, plus the right training, you may want to leave the detective work up to the professionals. The leak could be due to something simple, like loose bolts in the oil pan, but even an activity as simple as tightening bolts could require training. Each car model requires bolts to be tightened in a specific pattern and to a certain tolerance.

Additionally, the right oil can help protect your vehicle from and even stop oil leaks. Pennzoil® High Mileage and Pennzoil® Platinum High Mileage Motor Oils are specially formulated to help stop leaks from seals and reduce oil consumption in worn engines.

If you suspect that your engine may be leaking oil or any fluid at all, be proactive. Visit your local Firestone Complete Auto Care today and let our tire and auto service professionals handle your oil leak repair!

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Our expert service professionals will perform a visual inspection in an effort to diagnose where (and why) your car is leaking oil. Save time and money by bringing your car to a Firestone Complete Auto Care location as soon as possible. Small, inexpensive problems can oftentimes lead to larger, more expensive problems if left unchecked. We're open seven days a week, and no appointment is necessary. With over 1,800 locations nationwide, your local oil leak repair shop is never far away!

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