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Brake Rotors

Firestone complete auto care performs nearly one million brake repairs every year.

Brake Rotors Replacement

A sure sign that it’s time to get a brake inspection is when your car is shaking or pulsating when you brake at any speed. That vibration or pulsating sensation may indicate that your brake rotors are warped or worn down.

Over time, the pressure of the brake calipers pressing the brake pad into the brake rotors can lead to heat spots and grooves, which can damage the rotors. Damage also can happen when the brake pads wear too thin. If this happens, the metal portion of the brake pad backing plate scrapes against the metal of the brake rotors.

If you’re wondering when to replace brake rotors, come into your nearby Firestone Complete Auto Care store. Our service professionals will perform a free brake check and inspect your brake system. If brake rotors have significant wear and tear or are warped, they may be able to be resurfaced. When rotors can no longer be resurfaced, they must be replaced.

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You can tell when it’s time to check your brake rotorsby paying attention to your vehicle’s VIBE.

Vibrating Steering Wheel: When you feel the steering wheel vibrating or the brake pedal pulsating during braking, your brake rotors could be telling you that there’s trouble. The brake pads could be pressing against uneven rotors, leading to steering or braking that’s less than smooth.

Intermittent Screeching: A screeching noise could come from brake rotors that developed grooves.

Blue Color: If your brake rotors have a blue hue, it could mean they’ve been subjected to excessive heat.

Excessive Wear Over Time: Like other parts of your vehicle, brake rotors don’t last forever. Eventually, they’ll need to be resurfaced or replaced.


At Firestone Complete Auto Care, your brake check is always free. Help eliminate headaches and costly repairs by bringing your vehicle in at the first sign of brake trouble. Schedule a brake inspection or a Complete Vehicle Inspection at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care today.

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