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Common Engine Problems


Watch out for these common engine problems

Whether the check engine light has turned on or you’re hearing strange knocking noises coming from under the hood, Firestone Complete Auto Care can diagnose all kinds of common engine problems. Most drivers are likely to experience some form of a worn engine symptom at one point or another, ranging from small oil leaks to a total loss of engine power. Our expert service professionals can help you get ahead of common engine problems before those problems turn into costly repairs. Keep your vehicle's engine performance and efficiency strong by taking care of engine problems right away and always being on the lookout for these signs of a bad engine.

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Resolve Your Common Engine Problems with Firestone

Don't hesitate to visit Firestone Complete Auto Care at the first sign of engine problems. If you're experiencing engine knocking, stalling, or any other engine issues, bring your car into a Firestone Complete Auto Care store where our experienced auto service professionals will run engine diagnostics tests. 

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Help! I’m Stressed About Car Repairs

Jul 28, 2021

Car repairs can cause plenty of stress, but Firestone Complete Auto Care can ease your mind — and your wallet — when it comes to getting you back on the road.

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Radiator Problems to Watch for If You Want Your Car to Last

Jun 30, 2021

From leaks to overheating, a radiator demands attention when there's an issue. Learn about the most common radiator problems and what to do if they happen.

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