An introductory course in inflation

As gas prices climb higher and higher, inflating if you will, saving at the pump becomes an increasing concern. While gas prices are out of your control, Firestone Complete Auto Care can help you get more out of each gallon. Saving on gas starts with the basics, and we’re here to guide you.

Gasonomics is our way of helping you bear the burden of overwhelming gas prices. Getting the most out of each gallon starts with properly inflated tires, but a properly maintained vehicle goes a long way too. Let Firestone Complete Auto Care give your vehicle a free check up to help improve its gas mileage. A check up is fast and free, what could be easier?

Firestone Complete Auto Care’s Gasonomics Check-Up Includes:

  • Free tire inflation
  • Free tread inspection
  • Free air filter inspection
  • Free alignment check…and more.

9 Tips to help you save gas and money

Make sure you’re getting the most mileage out of each gallon of gas by following these simple fuel savings tips.

  1. Proper tire pressure

    When tires aren’t inflated properly it’s like driving with the parking brake on and this can waste a mile or two per gallon. By maintaining the correct air pressure, you can realize a 10 percent improvement in gas savings. Check your owner’s manual for the proper air pressure for your vehicle’s tires. (source: American Automobile Association

    Find your vehicle’s recommended tire pressure

  2. Optimize octane

  3. Save more by slowing down

  4. Follow motor oil grade recommendations

  5. Avoid idling your vehicle

  6. Rid the trunk of your junk

  7. Enjoy the breeze

  8. Opt for overdrive

  9. Tune-ups and regular maintenance check-ups are clutch