Tire Alignment that Keeps Youon the Straight and Narrow.

When your tire alignment is off, your ability to drive safely is compromised. Sometimes unaligned wheels can be obvious – your car pulls to one side of the road or your steering wheel has a vibration in it from balancing issues. In some cases, it can be subtle and the driver won't even notice. That's why regular tire alignment checkups are a must-do. The better maintenance you keep, the longer your car will run healthily. If your car alignment feels off – or if it's simply been a while – come see us at Firestone Complete Auto Care and our alignment experts will take a look.

When your wheels are aligned, your car handles better. Wheel alignment from Firestone Complete Auto Care means long lasting, optimal performance. Our technicians know how to keep your car running straight and smooth.

CAR Alignment Services

Wheel Alignment

Firestone Complete Auto Care offers different limited warranties on our wheel alignments to match our customer's unique needs. From a 12-month limited warranty to a lifetime limited warranty, Firestone Complete Auto Care has options to suit you. Just want to check in and make sure your car alignment is balanced? Get peace of mind with our alignment check.

  • Wheel Alignment Check

    • Inspect vehicle suspension and steering systems, including tire air pressure and tire condition
    • Vehicle placed on an alignment rack, where laser sensors are mounted and measure the current alignment settings
    • Print initial tire alignment readings
  • Wheel Alignment: standard

    • Inspect suspension and steering systems, including air pressure and tire condition
    • Vehicle placed on alignment rack, where sensors are mounted and compensated
    • Print initial tire alignment readings.
    • Camber, caster and toe angles are adjusted according to manufacturer specifications
    • Print final tire alignment readings.
    • Test drive the vehicle
  • Wheel Alignment: LIFETIME

    The lifetime wheel alignment comes complete with everything included in the standard alignment, plus:

    • A lifetime limited warranty*, meaning Firestone will realign your car whenever you need it, for free, for as long as you own the car.


When a vehicle's suspension, steering and drive-line components begin to wear, it can cause vibration, misalignment and premature tire wear. That's why the expert auto technicians at Firestone Complete Auto Care perform a complete suspension system and steering inspection with each car alignment. When you have worn parts replaced, you're able to regain handling and steering control. Your car will run like its old self, returning to its original handling and operating performance.

Wheel alignment is a critical aspect of car maintenance, as misalignment damages your tires and can lead to them wearing out prematurely. Firestone Complete Auto Care technicians can make sure your steering and suspension are working as they should be and align your car to match the manufacturer's specifications.

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