Nails, glass, screws, debris - the road is littered with hazards that can flatten your tire. With run-flat tires, however, you don't have to worry. RFT tires are designed to keep running even after a puncture.

run-flat™ Tires
Flat Tire Facts
  • With Run-Flat Tires, you can drive at least 50 miles Flat tires account for about 10% of breakdowns

Technology & Benefits

Run-flat tires(RFT) are available for all vehicle classes.

POTENZA RE960AS POLE POSITION RFT An all-season, performance tire forpremium sports cars

DUELER H/L 400 RFT A high performing RFT for light trucks and SUVs

TURANZA EL400 RFT Premium style and uncompromising comfort at a manageable price for cars and minivans

BLIZZAK LM-50 RFT Continuing mobility during winter driving


Inside RFT tires is a Bridgestone Support Ring that allows a tire to keep going after being punctured.

Run Flat Support Detail
Stay Cool

The cooling fin on the side of RFT tires increases air flow to the tire surface as it spins. The result is a cooling effect that keeps down the likelihood of a dangerous tire blowout.

Run Flat Cooling Fin Detail
Stay Connected

Scientifically engineered beads keep the wheel connect to a run-flat tire even after pressure is lost, assuring your safety on the road.

Run Flat Tire Pressure Detail

The Bridgestone Support ring, the cooling fin and the special beading used in run-flat tires keep you – and your precious cargo – safe. Getting a flat is bad enough; with an RFT tire, a flat doesn't have to turn into an accident. We know safety – we know run-flat tires.