How to Ensure Your Car Has a Clean Bill of Health

  • 5/1/2023
Young and cheerful woman enjoying her new car Young and cheerful woman enjoying her new car

Can't remember the last time you had your car serviced? Many car owners tend to ignore common vehicle issues, and maybe you're among them. But now, you're ready to get back into a comprehensive car routine once and for all. The good news? You can, with a comprehensive vehicle health check! 

How often should you get your car inspected? What's included in a full vehicle inspection, and why is it important? Keeping a well-maintained vehicle has never been easier with our guide.

What Is a Car Health Check?

Much like going to the doctor for an annual check-up, your car also needs its health checked regularly. A car health check is a vehicle preventive maintenance practice that helps monitor your car's overall condition. Firestone Complete Auto Care offers two variations of this service. 

A free courtesy check, which includes a free battery test* and a visual examination of essential components, is offered with every service. Our professional technicians will take a look at things like your tire pressure and tread depth, filter conditions, fluid levels, and more. 

The other option, a Complete Vehicle Inspection, includes a comprehensive, more thorough look into your vehicle's condition. We'll inspect your vehicle's major systems and components like the steering and suspension, brakes, exhaust systems, and more (keep reading for a detailed list!). 

And if you'd also like starting and charging testing as well as a coolant pressure check, opt for our Complete Vehicle Inspection+ option instead. 

Even if you're behind on routine maintenance or drive an older vehicle, a full car inspection, like the ones offered at Firestone, can help identify existing or potential problems before they turn into costly repairs. 

Full Car Check-Up: Why Is It Important? 

Your vehicle is a well-oiled machine—literally. And with all its intricate parts and components, one minor issue can quickly produce a domino effect on other systems under the hood. 

A vehicle health check can help detect significant issues within your vehicle's components sooner rather than later. Why does early detection matter? Because a minor problem that's not repaired now could lead to excess wear and tear on another component or system in the long term. Besides saving money on those "domino effect" issues, you could help your vehicle run newer for longer with proactive inspections and routine maintenance. 

How Often Should I Get a Complete Vehicle Inspection? 

While courtesy checks during a regular vehicle service can identify some problems, they aren't always as thorough as a Complete Vehicle Inspection. The exact frequency of these checks depends on several factors, like your driving habits and vehicle age, but aiming for once a year is generally a good starting point. 

Since the optimal service schedule for inspections can vary, turn to the pros at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care to discuss the best options for your vehicle.

What Does a Full Car Service Include?

So, just how thorough is a complete vehicle inspection, and what's included in this service? At your local Firestone Complete Auto Care, we'll run through a rigorous checklist. While this isn't an exhaustive list, here's an overview of what you can expect our team to check during a full vehicle inspection:

  • Basic safety components: We'll test your windshield wipers, lights, and more to make sure these features work exactly as they should.
  • Brakes: Our team will check your brake pads, calipers, drums, rotors, and more to ensure your stopping power is always ready when you need it.
  • Steering and suspension: Shocks, struts, and bushings… oh my! We'll check it all to ensure your steering and suspension are well-balanced.
  • Exhaust system: Technicians will look for leaks between your engine and exhaust system and check your tailpipe and internal components for damage.
  • 12-volt Battery: We'll ensure your battery has enough charge for your everyday driving needs and check the condition of battery connection points.
  • Ignition Wires, belts, and hoses: From the alternator to the drive and accessory belts, our professionals will inspect your engine's inner workings to ensure efficient performance.
  • Tires: Greeting the road with a firm grip is essential, and we're here to help you do that. We'll check your tread depth, look for signs of excessive or uneven wear, and let you know when you'll likely need to replace your tires.
  • Filters: Dirty filters can make for inefficient performance, so we'll thoroughly inspect your fuel filter, air filter, and more.
  • Fluids: Engine oil, wiper fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and any other fluid in your vehicle will be checked by our team of professional technicians. 

Once we've inspected everything, we'll provide a list of any items you'll need to address. Our technicians can also advise on types of routine and interim maintenance you may need and answer any questions about what we see under the hood. 

Turn to the Pros for Inspections and Preventive Vehicle Maintenance

Whether you're getting ready to sell your car (and need to get it up to speed first!) or catching up on neglected vehicle maintenance, make sure you put your ride in the hands of technicians you can trust. At Firestone Complete Auto Care, our Complete Vehicle Inspections offer a comprehensive check-up of many of your vehicle's most essential components and systems. Schedule your inspection today, or head to your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care for straightforward service you can rely on. 

Worried about paying for any issues that might pop up? We've got your back there, too. With no annual fees and low monthly payments, the Firestone CFNA credit card** offers you the flexibility to keep your car—and your budget—in tip-top shape. Fill out a quick and easy application —  most approvals occur in minutes — to get the comprehensive car care your vehicle's been craving today.

*New battery not included.
**Subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions apply.

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