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Brake Repair Services

Drive with confidence, knowing that your brakes are ready to do their job.


Standard Brake Service*

Standard Brake Service*

  • Installation of new brake pads or shoes
  • Resurfacing or replacement of brake rotors or drums
  • Inspection of brake components
  • Lifetime parts warranty on brake pads and shoes, and a 12-month, 12,000-mile labor warranty
Standard Auto Brake Service* With Fluid Exchange

Standard Auto Brake Service* With Fluid Exchange

  • New brake pads or shoes installed
  • Brake components inspected
  • Brake rotors or drums resurfaced or replaced
  • Brake fluid exchange/bleeding brakes (which removes brake fluid contaminants and air)
  • Lifetime parts warranty for brake disc pads and shoes
  • 24,000-mile/24 month labor warranty*

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* Talk to a Firestone Complete Auto Care advisor for complete terms and conditions of warranties.

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If something feels off with your brakes, ignoring the signs can only lead to worsening brake problems in the future. As soon as you notice any of the following signs, it’s a good idea to bring your vehicle to a Firestone Complete Auto Care near you. These symptoms could indicate brake problems such as bad brake pads, brake fluid leaks, a faulty ABS, and more.

  • Your brakes are making noises, including grinding, squealing, or metal on metal noises.
  • The pedal feels spongy when the brakes are applied.
  • Your steering wheel shakes while braking.
  • Your vehicle wobbles or pulsates when you brake at any speed.
  • Your car seems to pull to one side when you brake.
  • The brake light or ABS light on your dashboard is illuminated.



At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we’re not like every other local brake repair shop. Our team members go above and beyond to ensure your brake repair service exceeds your expectations, and our experienced technicians will treat your car like their own. Additionally, Firestone Complete Auto Care offers some of the best brake warranties in the industry.

From the second you arrive at your nearby Firestone Complete Auto Care to the moment you drive away after your repairs, we’re committed to earning your trust as the best auto brake repair shop in your neighborhood. Find a Firestone Complete Auto Care location near you and experience the difference for yourself.

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