Oil Change Service at Firestone Complete Auto Care

  • Aug 22,2016
Oil pressure warning light: Not be ignored Oil pressure warning light: Not be ignored

How much oil does my car need?

Enough to keep the tin man lubricated. All joking aside, some automobiles only need three quart capacity while bigger vehicles can need up to 15 quarts—quite the range. Your auto manufacturers list the oil quantities required for your engine in your owner’s manual.

What is the best day to get an oil change?

So, you want to know the industry’s best kept secret, eh? Well, from our experience, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the best days to stop into Firestone Complete Auto Care. Now that we’ve said that, we can’t guarantee those will not become the most popular days as a result. But you asked. And now the cat is out of the bag. See you Tuesday or Wednesday.

We even have extended evening hours and most stores are open Sundays. Schedule an oil change for any day of the week.

Do I need an appointment to get an oil change?

You don’t need one. But, we know how much you value your time. Scheduling an appointment will give you the benefit of servicing your car on your schedule. While we can change your oil on a whim, we can’t guarantee you’ll be serviced on the spot. That will depend on if—and how many—customers arrived before you. We can give you a heads up beforehand, just call us. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the best days to stop in without an appointment. Appointment or not, you’ll receive the impeccable service and the same attention and care we provide each and every vehicle we service.

Have your oil changed on your schedule by scheduling yours today.

Why does Firestone recommend other services when I want just an oil change?

We’ll never recommend anything we wouldn’t recommend to our mothers. We care about your automobile, and that includes the worn parts that typically go unnoticed and undetected at the in-and-out oil change shop.

We’ll offer you a free courtesy 19 point inspection. The inspection is designed to detect obvious signs of wear and tear. It’s a very simple way to take care of the services you need at the store, instead of requiring you to schedule another appointment. A more comprehensive inspection is available as well.

We care about your car, but most importantly, we care about you. Small problems can become big problems. We’ll keep tabs on your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance, to help keep your vehicle maintained.

How are technicians trained to do an oil change at Firestone?

We train our technicians to perform oil change services using a combination of our own e-learning and training guides along with on-the-job coaching and mentoring. We also have over 2,200 technicians on staff ASE certified in general maintenance.

  • Know-how and expertise. Firestone Complete Auto Care technicians are instructed to follow manufacturer and industry approved servicing procedures while following the most stringent safety precautions.
  • Sticklers for detail. Using the latest technology, Firestone Complete Auto Care electronically provides technicians with individual vehicle specs for exact oil quantity and viscosity for your make and model.

What does the oil filter do?

Just as a water filter traps tiny particles from entering your drinking water, an oil filter catches dirt and other harmful debris before it can enter your engine. It’s replaced when we perform an oil change.

Why does Firestone charge for oil filter disposal?

Many states mandate disposal of oil in certain ecological ways. And we’re a big advocate of protecting the environment by providing an oil filter disposal service everyone can count on.

Get this: the disposal fee we charge goes directly to paying the recycling cost to the recycling service we use. This fee covers the cost of labor, handling, storage, space, utilities and more. All in the name of providing you with sweet service and doing our part to protect the environment.

What do we do with used oil?

They say one man’s disposed oil is another man’s treasure. After properly recycling your oil with our vendors, it’s given a second life as fuels and lubricants. It even becomes re-refined motor oil in our EcoPower oil, which we use in select stores.

You see, used oil isn’t useless oil. It means less oil being pulled out of the ground and a lesser impact on the environment. It just takes the right engineers to refine and reuse the oil components. We accept used oil at no charge. Bring in your used oil during store hours and allow us to dispose of it properly.

What is the warranty on a Firestone Complete Auto Care oil change?

Oil changes come with a 3 month, 3,000-mile warranty. It’s also the reason a sticker is placed on your windshield telling you to come back in 3 months or 3,000 miles.

Now, you can operate past 3,000 miles on your current oil if your car manufacturer states a longer oil change interval. Check your owner’s manual to learn more about your particular vehicle’s oil specifications. Many cars today are designed to maintain oil for more miles.

How does Firestone protect my car during an oil change?

We treat your car like we’d treat our own, with the utmost attention. From fender covers to floor mats to steering wheel and seat covers, we take pride in delivering stellar service and care while your vehicle is in our hands.

Does Firestone offer a 10-minute oil change?

The short and honest answer: no. Most oil changes are completed within 30 minutes, but can run longer depending on how busy we are at the moment. Scheduling an oil change appointment is the best way to shorten the wait time.

Our goal is to keep your car running newer, longer. And that takes a little extra care. Just think of us as your car doctor. You wouldn’t see a doctor whose goal is to get you out as fast as possible so he can move on to the next in line. The same philosophy applies to your vehicle. Allowing proper time to fully service your vehicle during an oil change is our way of providing you with the best and most complete service.

Quick Tip: Request our free courtesy check and we’ll visually inspect all fluid levels, belts, hoses, tires, and air pressure. While that may take a few extra minutes, we think it will save you a few headaches too, should anything need to be replaced.

Does getting an oil change with us void my vehicle’s warranty coverage?

No. Who told you that nonsense?! As long as you’re using the manufacturer recommended oil grade (i.e. 5W20) and get oil changes on schedule, you’re good to go.

How can I save on an oil change?

Here, let us grease your engine towards future savings.

Save yourself some money by following any one of these tips:

  • Only get an oil change every 3,000 miles, if necessary. Bet you didn’t think we’d say that. Newer vehicles have been engineered to handle longer maintenance intervals. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended intervals for your vehicle. However, pay attention, factors such as driving conditions and driving habits can determine how frequently you’ll need to change your oil.
  • Be a coupon watcher. We’re always looking out for your wallet. If you’re on a tight budget, keep an eye out for our latest oil change deals.
  • Do it yourself. Do you enjoy the smell of hot burnt oil and the feeling of it dripping down your arms? What about the hassle of disposing of the old oil properly? Talk about time-consuming. If those scenarios aren’t your cup of tea, allow us to get our hands dirty for you. Bring it to us and we’ll have you ready to go in no time.

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