Do Fuel Efficient Tires Actually Help You Save Money on Gas?

  • Mar 4,2019
Do Fuel Efficient Tires Actually Help You Save Money on Gas? Do Fuel Efficient Tires Actually Help You Save Money on Gas?

hand pumping gas refueling at gas stationSaving gas, saving money, saving the planet…what could be better? Fuel efficient tires sound almost too good to be true—but they aren't! Follow along as we explain the science behind fuel efficient tires, also called low rolling resistance tires, and how they help you guzzle less gas and save more money. We'll focus on one of the best-selling fuel efficient tires from Bridgestone: Ecopia.

A Tire's Fuel Efficiency Depends on Its Rolling Resistance

Tires can have a massive impact on vehicle performance, from how well the car handles in different weather conditions to how smoothly it drives. Your choice of tires can impact how often you need to fuel up, too. The secret lies in a tire's rolling resistance.

Rolling resistance is the effort required to keep your tires rolling at a given speed. Low rolling resistance tires require less effort to keep in motion than regular tires.

The simplest way to understand low rolling resistance is to imagine two tires at the top of a hill: one regular passenger tire, and one low rolling resistance tire. If the two tires are pushed with the exact same force, the low rolling resistance tire will roll farther than the regular tire.

Low rolling resistance tires can generally help you travel farther on one tank of gas than regular tires. For example, the Ecopia EP422 has been shown to help cars and minivans get 20 extra miles per tank.*

Ecopia Tires Are Designed for Low Rolling Resistance

When it comes to fuel-friendly tires, Bridgestone Ecopia tires are some of the best. Ecopia tires are engineered with both the environment and your wallet in mind. They're the complete package.

Every aspect of Ecopia tires is geared toward fuel efficiency. First, there's the tire sidewall. Ecopia's Fuel Saver Sidewall Compound helps lower rolling resistance by returning more energy back to the tire (instead of generating heat) than a normal sidewall.

Then there's the actual tire composition. Ecopia tires are partially made from recycled ground rubber (hooray for less waste!). Plus, their Nano Pro-tech + Silica compound helps control the interaction between polymer, filler materials, and other rubber chemicals at the molecular level to help improve the overall rolling resistance of the tire.

Bridgestone's all-season Ecopia HL was developed for small and medium-sized SUVs and CUVs, while the all-season Ecopia EP422 Plus is suitable for sedans and minivans.

Try Other Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency

Choosing Bridgestone Ecopia tires for your vehicle isn’t the only way to maximize your car’s fuel efficiency. Try these tips to get the most out of each tank of gas.

  • Be gentle on the pedals. Both accelerating quickly at a green light or braking abruptly at a red light require more energy (fuel) than easing into them. When it comes to braking and accelerating, slow and gentle is the way to go.
  • Reduce weight and drag. The heavier your vehicle is, the more energy it needs to stay moving. The same goes for aerodynamic drag, the amount of wind resistance applying force to your car. If you don’t need to lug cargo around in the back of your truck, or if you don’t need that luggage rack on the roof, ditch them!
  • Keep your tires properly inflated. Underinflated tires reduce fuel efficiency. Do your best to check tire pressure every other time you fill up and stick to the recommended tire pressure found in your owner’s manual.
  • Get regular oil changes. Don't skip this routine maintenance, as old, sludgy oil can end up hurting your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.
  • Avoid idling. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, idling can use a quarter to a half gallon of fuel per hour. While it’s tempting to let your vehicle warm up on cold days, or to keep the car on while you’re waiting for a friend on hot days, it’ll end up costing you.

So, do fuel-saving tires work, and can you really save fuel with the right tires? The answer is yes, especially when it comes to the Bridgestone Ecopia tires. Save time and money by buying affordable tires online. Then top off your savings by scheduling a quick tire installation at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care.

*Based on rolling resistance in lab testing comparing Ecopia EP422 Plus (215/60R16) to Firestone FR710 (215/60R16) from new. Extra 20 miles based on 400 miles per tank. Actual results may vary based on proper tire maintenance, vehicle, driving style, and road conditions.

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