Wheel Alignment is the Simple Key to a Safe, Healthy Car

  • Sep 4,2017
Wheel alignment on white car Wheel alignment on white car

Cars can seem like complicated machines, especially when it comes to caring for them. Should you spend your time and money on Thing A or Thing B? Service 1 or Service 2? Thankfully, keeping your car in tip-top shape can be simple with Firestone Complete Auto Care on your side. Follow along as we share one of the simplest keys to maintaining a safe and healthy car: proper wheel alignment. It's an often overlooked service with plenty of perks.

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment actually refers to your vehicle’s suspension—a series of springs and highly calibrated parts that work together to keep your tires sitting at the correct angles, known as the camber, caster, and toe. During an alignment, the angles of the tires are adjusted so that they come into contact with the road in just the right way.

What are some of the BIG benefits?

More even tread wear, better gas mileage, smoother steering...the list goes on and on! Regular alignment checks are significantly more affordable than replacing tires and other car parts suffering from uneven, premature wear. In addition to cost savings, you can also expect the following benefits with proper wheel alignment:

  • Fewer auto repairs
  • Smoother driving experience
  • Better vehicle safety
  • Longer tire life span
  • Increased fuel efficiency

If you think about it, your vehicle's suspension is kind of like your body's bones and muscles. When your bones are strong and your muscles are flexible, your body moves how you want (and expect) it to move. Same goes for your wheel alignment.

How does alignment impact the overall health of my car?

When your wheels are properly aligned, your car handles better and drives the way it was intended to. When your alignment is off, your vehicle may not move in the way or direction you expect, and that's a safety hazard! Misaligned wheels can threaten the safety of your ride by causing it to pull to one side and lessening maneuverability. Proper alignment ensures optimal driveability, balanced tire wear, and above all—your safety on the road.

How often should I check my alignment?

Many manufacturers recommend an alignment check every 10,000 miles (or less if you frequently drive on rough roads). Check your owner’s manual to make sure you follow the guidelines, especially if your car is under warranty.

There are also a few signs to watch out for that signal it’s time for a wheel alignment, like uneven tread wear on your tires or trouble keeping your steering wheel straight and free of drift.

Where can I get a wheel alignment near me?

Smooth rides? We make 'em easy. If you are unsure about your current alignment, give us a call. Tire misalignment can be so subtle, you may not even realize it. Luckily for your wheels, we have the precision equipment and expertise to check your alignment and fix it if needed. Schedule an appointment online for an alignment check at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care and give your car the care it needs to keep you going.

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