How Climate Impacts Your Battery

  • Dec 28,2016
Two gloved hands attaching jumper cables onto dead car battery, while snow falls gently Two gloved hands attaching jumper cables onto dead car battery, while snow falls gently

There’s nothing worse than putting your key in the ignition, turning it, and hearing—nothing. It’s even worse if you’re stuck in the blazing heat or the freezing cold, two times when your car battery is actually under the most stress. Find out how climate affects your car battery, and more importantly, how you can choose a battery that's made to withstand the weather of your location. Selecting the best battery for your vehicle can ensure you don’t get stranded during a heat wave or a blizzard—and your future self will definitely thank you for that.

How Heat Impacts Your Car Battery

It’s Getting Hot, Hot, Hard On Your Battery

If you’ve ever exercised outside during the dog days of summer, you probably kept a water bottle close by to avoid dehydration. Similarly, car batteries get dehydrated when the temperature rises. The liquid in your car’s battery gets zapped up when it’s hot outside, and a thirsty battery is a weak battery.

Additionally, sweltering heat can cause damage to the important, internal structures of your battery. As the liquid evaporates and things start getting toasty under the hood of your car, corrosion speeds up. This accelerated corrosion can wreak havoc on your battery.

How Cold Impacts Your Car Battery

Brrrr! Jack Frost Versus Your Battery

As you can probably imagine, your battery has to work harder in the winter than it does on a temperate day. As the temperature drops, the battery’s current reserves drop and it becomes more difficult for your battery to get enough energy to start your car. The low temperatures also increase electrical resistance and cause your engine oil to thicken, placing an even bigger strain on your battery.

When you jump into your car on a frigid day, you’re likely to crank the heat and flip on your lights too. These accessories mean—you guessed it—even more work for your battery. If your battery has already taken a beating from the summer heat, one chilly day could be the final straw. Get tips for keeping your battery charged in cold temperatures.

What battery type do you need for your climate?

Unless you live in a place with the same weather 365 days a year, you probably (and understandably) want a battery that can withstand different temperatures and conditions. After all, no one wants to replace the battery in their vehicle every time the season changes. Luckily, Firestone Complete Auto Care offers batteries that are specifically suited for your climate, whether you’re driving in the sun-drenched swamps of Florida or down the icy winter roads of Minnesota.

New Batteries at Firestone Complete Auto Care

We want the best for your car, inside and out, and that's why we only carry the very best products and parts we can find. Schedule your appointment today and visit Firestone Complete Auto Care to get a car battery near you!

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