Do EV Tires Wear Out Faster?

  • March 4, 2024
EV car tires parked by charging station EV car tires parked by charging station

You have much to love about your electric vehicle, from increased energy efficiency to state-of-the-art interior tech. You might not love how fast you go through tires, though. If you’ve needed to replace your tires sooner than expected, you’re not alone. Due to several factors, EVs can sometimes wear through tires faster than their gasoline counterparts.  

But why do electric cars wear out tires faster in some scenarios? Can you do anything to help prolong their life? Keep reading to discover these answers and more.

How Long Do EV Tires Last?

EV tires wear out faster, but how long they last varies. However, it's a good idea to look at the warranty on tires before purchase. Bridgestone Turanza EV tires, for example, have a limited warranty of up to 50,000 miles.

You may also find that your tires last longer or shorter than pre-defined time frames, and this can be due to several factors. For example, tire type can significantly affect your EV tires’ lifespan. Common ICE (internal combustion engine) tires are not optimally designed for electric vehicle use, so they may wear quicker than EV-specific tires.

Aside from tire type, your driving habits can also impact the life of your tires. We’ll cover this factor more in the following section.  

What Causes EV Tires to Wear Faster?

The build and performance of EVs can lead to faster tire wear. Here are a few reasons your tires may wear faster than expected. 


Weight is one of the main contributors to tire wear on electric vehicles. Due to their large battery packs, EVs are often heavier than conventional ICE vehicles. This extra weight puts more load on the tires and can increase wear. 


EVs provide high amounts of torque, which allows for quick acceleration. While this may create a thrilling driving experience, it can put more strain on your tires. 

Improper Maintenance

Tire maintenance tasks are even more crucial for EVs because their torque impacts tire wear. Follow your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule for EV maintenance, including tire rotations. 

Driving Habits

If you accelerate too forcefully or often brake abruptly at stop lights, you’ll likely burn through tires faster. Motorists should be mindful of their driving habits and follow best practices to help extend the life of their tires. 

Signs You Might Need New Tires

Whether your tires are wearing prematurely or right on schedule, they will show some signs you need to replace them. Common signs it’s time for new tires include:

  • Tread depth less than 2/32nd of an inch (use the penny test to check)
  • Visible tread bars at the same surface as the tire tread
  • Excessively cracked rubber
  • Uneven tread wear
  • Bulges or bubbles

What Tires Should You Get for Your EV?

You’re ready to put a new set of tires on your EV, but which ones do you choose? The tires you would put on an ICE vehicle might not be the right choice. Traditional tires can increase road noise, reduce driving range, and wear quicker under the instant torque.

Consider installing tires designed for EV application to help your vehicle perform optimally. While traditional tires may be a more affordable option up front, you may have to replace them more frequently. All those tire replacements can cost you more in the long run. EV-specific tires can:

  • Handle the increased torque of electric vehicles, potentially reducing tire wear.
  • Offer better traction and grip for a smoother driving experience.
  • Offer reduced rolling resistance to help provide better range and extend battery life.
  • Minimize vibrations and road noise for a quieter ride.

Check if your favorite tire manufacturers offer an EV option — just make sure you select the correct tire size, speed, and load rating for your vehicle.

Where Can You Find EV Tires?

Firestone Complete Auto Care carries tires designed for electric vehicles. Under the Turanza family of tires, you can find Bridgestone’s EV tires. Turanza EV Tires were designed to work with the weight and unique dynamics of electric vehicles. Thanks to their innovative ENLITEN technology, these tires are engineered to help optimize all-season performance and provide longer wear life.1 They also feature a solid rib design to reduce noise and an optimized tread pattern for premium performance in wet road conditions. 

EV Maintenance Services and Tires Near You

Want to ensure you have the right set of lasting tires for your electric vehicle? Let the professional technicians at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care help. Not only can we help you choose the perfect fit, but we can install your tires and perform any general maintenance service your EV needs, too! Schedule an appointment today, and we'll get you charged and ready to go in no time.

1 The combination of ENLITEN technology attributes applicable to a specific tire product may vary. Results may vary depending on proper tire and vehicle maintenance, road conditions, and driving habits.

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