Battery Service at Firestone Complete Auto Care

  • Aug 22,2016
Headlamp replacement at Firestone Complete Auto Care Headlamp replacement at Firestone Complete Auto Care

What We Offer

At Firestone Complete Auto Care, the best offense so happens to be the best defense. We’ll help keep your vehicle running newer, longer by providing you with complete electrical system maintenance and replacement options.

Our corrosion protection package, battery terminal cleaning service, and electrical system check stop problems before they become huge problems. Quality replacement parts can help bring new life to your existing electrical system.

Free Car Battery Tests

The Early Detection Analyzer determines if your battery is supplying adequate power and at what temperature it could potentially fail. We’ll hand you a printout with one of three possible results:



  • Good

    A “Good” result gives you the confidence that your vehicle’s battery is functioning properly.

  • Marginal

    A “Marginal” result indicates that your battery is functioning properly, but its life expectancy is compromised. We encourage you to closely monitor your battery with more frequent battery checkups.

  • Replace

    Even if your battery started your engine, a “Replace” test result indicates it’s not up to the original equipment manufacturer’s standards. To avoid the inevitable “no start”, a fresh new battery will put your worries to rest.


    If you’d like to get a head start, you can gauge your battery’s life now with our online Virtual Battery Tester.

    ASE Certification & Map Guidelines

    Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) ASE is the industry standard and the most trusted certification process in the automotive repair industry.

    Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) MAP is the consumer outreach program implemented by the Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association, Inc. (AMRA).

    ASE Certified  Motorist Assurance Program

    Firestone Complete Auto Care Electrical System Check

    Our technicians provide a holistic approach when inspecting and testing your car’s electrical system. If we didn’t, we’d miss something. And that’s unacceptable.

    • We check your entire electrical system so we can fully diagnose and fix any potential problems before they occur.
    • Our electrical system check makes sure all the necessary parts are drawing the correct voltage. We’ll know right away if there are any weak parts that may need immediate replacement.

    Battery Installation

    Typically, car battery installations are $15 and include the following:

    • A visual inspection of battery cables, ends, bolts, and battery tray to assess condition.
    • Use of a bridging (power) device to ensure power to your car’s memory is maintained during installation.
    • Removal and proper disposal of old battery.
    • Installation of anti-corrosion pads on positive and negative battery cable ends.
    • Spraying battery cable ends with anti-corrosion spray.
    • An Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) check on your new battery:
      • If OCV is below 12.5 volts, we’ll charge the new battery before installation.
      • If OCV is 12.5 volts or higher, the new battery is ready for installation.

    The Battery Services You Need

    Online, our Virtual Battery Tester is a handy tool to help predict the life left in your battery. But we also offer free battery checks, backed by our Early Detection Analyzer. Whether the results are good or marginal or indicate it’s time to replace your battery, technicians at Firestone Complete Auto Care are experts at identifying and replacing on-the-fritz batteries. That leaves you to the fun part: driving.

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