Motor Oil Pollution & What You Can Do To Prevent It

  • Dec 17,2016
Motor oil pollution around foot of tree in pollution Motor oil pollution around foot of tree in pollution

Whether you use a reusable bag when you grocery shop, turn off all your lights when you leave the house, or simply recycle, you’re taking steps to protect our planet. In today’s world, we’ve been taught to be conscious of our carbon footprint. But apart from driving less, have you thought about ways to cut back on pollution when it comes to your car? At Firestone Complete Auto Care, it's something we think about every day. Disposing of motor oil incorrectly is hazardous. If you drive a car, and certainly if you do your own oil changes, you can join forces with us to make a positive difference here. Read on to learn more about this issue, the proper way of handling used motor oil, and how you can help stop motor oil pollution. You can be an oil recycling pro too!

What is the proper way to dispose of used motor oil?

Wondering how to dispose of used motor oil? When used motor oil is dumped into the ground, contaminants can seep into the water supply. Not only is safe disposal of oil better for the environment, it’s actually the law. At Firestone Complete Auto Care, recycling used motor oil is an ethical and environmental necessity, plus an important part of our commitment to excellent customer care. If you change your own oil, you’ll end up with a gallon or so of dirty oil that has to go somewhere. First, you need to let the oil cool completely before transferring it via funnel to a jug or other sealed container.

Pro Tip: Put your oil-filled containers into plastic bags when you transport them. One leak and your vehicle will reek of oil.

Next, it’s time to take your oil to a designated recycling drop-off location. You can take your used oil to one of the 1,700 Firestone Complete Auto Care stores for oil recycling. A short drive to your nearest oil recycling location is definitely worth the time and effort. When you recycle your dirty oil, it can either be re-refined and repurposed, or even burned for energy!

What can you do to stop motor oil pollution?

Disposing of your motor oil properly is the biggest thing you can do to help, but it’s not the only thing. Make sure that you’re keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape so that you don’t unknowingly spring a leak. Any motor oil that leaves your car and isn’t disposed of properly adds to this already huge problem. Just one pint of used motor oil is enough to put an oil sheen on a one acre pond. Additionally, skip the hands-on washing and get your car squeaky clean at a commercial car wash. The water used at these stores is treated before it goes down the drain, reducing potential pollutants.

If you care about protecting the environment – or if you simply don’t want to break the law – you’ve got to dispose of vehicle fluids the right way. Learn more about oil recycling and the various type of hazardous vehicle fluids we recycle at your nearby Firestone Complete Auto Care. If you’re a hardcore automotive DIY-er, find out how you can drop by with your dirty oil and oil filter and let us take care of the mess for you. Otherwise, skip the mess altogether and let our oil experts take care of your oil change!

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