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How To Recycle Motor Oil Find Used Oil Recyclers Near You

Partner with your local Firestone Complete Auto Care to stop motor oil pollution. Proper oil recycling makes a difference!

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Cars need oil. Humans need water. Both are simple facts of life, but when oil isn't disposed of properly it can threaten our water supply. How we handle used motor oil directly impacts today’s environment and the environment for generations to come.

At Firestone Complete Auto Care, recycling used motor oil and properly disposing of a car’s hazardous fluids is an ethical and environmental necessity, not to mention an important part of our commitment to excellent customer care. Oil waste disposal is not only beneficial for the earth and our natural resources—it’s also the law. Failing to dispose of this hazardous waste properly could lead to motor oil contamination of America’s landfills, sewers, waterways, and our drinking water.


Oil Recycling & Disposal at Firestone Complete Auto Care

After your scheduled oil change service, our oil and tire service professionals properly handle and recycle your used motor oil, along with any other hazardous waste material that may come from your vehicle. All Firestone Complete Auto Care locations are trained and equipped to responsibly dispose of motor oil, oil filters, gear oil, hydraulic fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. They are also prepared to properly handle select car and marine batteries.


Used motor oil is most commonly re-refined. During this process, dirt, chemicals, and debris are extracted from the used motor oil. The oil is then restored to its original condition and can be repurposed. While this may surprise you, re-refined motor oil is the same quality as new oil and is helpful to the environment as it reduces the production of new oil.

Motor oil can also be burned for heat or energy. Technological advances have made it incredibly efficient for power plants to burn large amounts of used motor oil with minimal pollution and emission levels.

Did you know? Recycling just two gallons of used motor oil generates enough electricity to run the average household for almost 24 hours.

How Do I Recycle Oil?

If you're a DIY-er that prefers to change their own oil, don't dump your used oil down the drain, into the trash, or into your neighborhood sewer drain. Come to Firestone Complete Auto Care! If you're looking for your nearest oil recycling location, you're more than welcome to bring your used oil to any one of our thousands of locations. We'll safely dispose of it for you, along with most other hazardous vehicles fluids.  

Your Nearest Store:

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