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How Often Should I Change My Oil? Discover How Often Your Car’s Oil Should Be Changed

Find out how often you should change your oil, from the motor oil experts at Firestone Complete Auto Care.

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How Often Should I Get An Oil Change?

If you're wondering when to change your oil, you're not alone. Our tire and auto service professionals recommend changing your vehicle’s motor oil on a pretty regular basis in order to maintain the life and longevity of your car. As far as how many miles between oil changes, we don't recommend changing your oil more frequently than every 3 months or 3,000 miles, unless otherwise specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer guidelines.

Why do we recommend getting your oil changed no sooner than every 3 months or 3,000 miles? At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we want to save you time and money, and we'll never recommend any vehicle repairs or services unless we feel you'll significantly benefit from them or your safety is at risk.

In general, routine vehicle maintenance is the key ingredient to protecting your car, including changing your car’s engine oil, checking and replacing brakes and brake pads, and other preventative maintenance, like rotating your tires.

Visit your local Firestone Complete Auto Care and talk with our technicians about how often you should change your oil in order to keep your car running newer, stronger, and longer. We are here for the long haul, and we care about the reputation and automotive services we offer to our customers. We're 100% confident that you'll be satisfied with your oil change service from Firestone Complete Auto Care—that's why all Firestone oil changes come with a 3-month/3000-mile warranty. And to make things easier, every service also comes a courtesy check, visual car inspection, followed by a reminder sticker indicating when your next oil change is due.

How Often Do I Change My Oil Filter?

In addition to changing your oil regularly, Firestone recommends changing your car’s oil filter during your regular Firestone Complete Auto Care oil change service. An oil filter service is an important aspect of your vehicle’s engine performance, which helps aid in the filtration of dirt and debris which would otherwise get caught in your car's engine. So, if you're considering when to change your vehicle’s oil filter, expect to replace it at the same time as your oil.

At Firestone you can expect a reliable oil change and filter service from our expert auto technicians. Schedule an oil change appointment at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care Center today.

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