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Oil Filters

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Why Are Oil Filters Important?

On top of motor oil, every car needs an oil filter to keep things running properly. In fact, your engine's survival depends on both of these parts. If your engine's oil were to be left unfiltered, it would eventually be overrun with small particles that would damage the surfaces within your engine. Read on to learn more about your oil filter and why replacing it at regular intervals is essential to maintaining your engine's health.

See our blog for more on ways your oil filter helps your car run newer, longer.

What Is An Oil Filter?

While oil works to lubricate all of the moving parts in your engine, regulate the engine's temperature, and keep contaminants out of the engine, the oil filter works to remove contaminants from the engine oil. Think of them like a team. Your car's engine is like a soccer goal, with the oil acting as the goalkeeper and the oil filter acting as a defense player. You need both to play the game!

What's Inside An Oil Filter?

There are a number of different types of oil filters, including standard filters, high performance filters, race filters, and synthetic filters. In general, however, an oil filter has eight key parts: the tapping plate, anti-drainback valve, filter medium, pleats, center steel tube area, relief valve, end disc, and retainer.

How Often Should Oil Filters Be Replaced?

Your oil filter should be replaced every time the oil is changed in your vehicle. On average, oil passes through your engine four times during one mile of driving. By the time you drive 3,000 miles (the general recommended oil change interval), your oil has passed through the oil filter a whopping 12,000 times. Check the owner's manual for recommended maintenance intervals or consult with your Firestone Complete Auto Care technician. Remember that the better condition your oil filter is in, the better protected your engine will be.

Where Can I Get My Oil Filter Replaced?

Have your oil filter replaced at Firestone Complete Auto Care. During your next oil change service at your nearby Firestone Complete Auto Care, one of our expertly trained technicians will change your vehicle's motor oil, replace and recycle your car's used oil filter, inspect your car's other important filters, perform a comprehensive 19-point courtesy inspection, and top off your car's other essential fluids. Schedule your oil change appointment online today and you'll see why not all oil change services are created equally!


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