All-terrain vs. All-weather Tires: Which Tire is Best for YOU?

  • Mar 29,2021
Driver's side tire on truck while on rocky terrain. Driver's side tire on truck while on rocky terrain.

Rain or shine — you need tires that perform all the time! And for that all-the-time performance, you may consider turning to an all-weather tire… or was it all-terrain? Both tires have "all" in the name, but should you go with all-terrain or all-weather tires, and what's the difference anyway? Before you make a choice, learn what each type of tire is and what types of vehicles and drivers they’re good for.

What Are All-Terrain Tires?

All-terrain or (A/T) tires have features for on- and off-road performance. Additionally, most A/T tire models offer all-season capabilities, providing reliable traction in wet, dry, and light snow conditions. In terms of looks, all-terrain tires strike a balance between the ruggedness of off-roading tires and highway tires’ comfort.

Who Are All-Terrain Tires Good For?

Most A/T tires are designed with truck drivers’ needs in mind. They’re especially beneficial for light truck drivers and SUV owners who frequent dirt roads, gravel paths, and highways. Their noise-canceling capabilities provide comfort on the freeway, while their all-terrain strength gives you confidence on dirt, gravel, and rocky roads. If you want performance and convenience that transitions seamlessly from highways to backroads, A/T tires might be the choice for your vehicle.

If that sounds like your type of tire, check out the latest Firestone Destination® A/T, or visit Firestone Complete Auto Care in-store to browse tires that fit your truck and your lifestyle.

What Are All-Weather Tires?

All-weather tires are often mistaken with all-season tires, but they actually offer superior performance in wintry conditions. All-weather tires such as the Firestone WeatherGrip® offer drivers of passenger cars three-peak mountain snowflake-certified capabilities (3PMSF). This mountain and snowflake symbol on their sidewall certifies that the tires meet the criteria required to be severe snow-service rated.

In addition, all-weather tires are touring tires, meaning they are designed for on-the-road comfort and confidence rather than off-road traction.

Who Are All-Weather Tires Good For?

Firestone WeatherGrip® tires come in a range of sizes fit for cars, minivans, and crossovers. They strike a balance between the quiet comfort of touring tires and the confident handling and winter performance of three-peak mountain snowflake-certified tires. Rather than being designed for off-road performance, these tires are made to please drivers who are tired of changing their tires from winter to summer and vice versa.

Check if WeatherGrip tires fit your vehicle and find more tire options online or in-store at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care.

Find The Right Tire for Your Ride

Though their names may sound similar, all-terrain and all-weather tires are engineered for different vehicles, drivers, and road conditions! At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we pride ourselves in having tires for all sorts of drivers, whether you’re commuting in a sedan, road-tripping in a CUV, or towing heavy loads from construction site to construction site in your trusty work truck. Plus, our trained tire experts can help you determine which type of tire is right for your vehicle and driving habits.

Get your coupe, truck, or SUV ready for the road ahead by visiting your nearest car and tire experts. We’ll perform a free tire check and let you know if yours are due for a change. If they are, we’ll help you find the best tires for your vehicle and give you an affordable out-the-door price estimate, including tires, installation, and free rotations for life.

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