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Get tips for picking the best DieHard battery for your truck or SUV, from the battery pros at Firestone Complete Auto Care. Stop by for a free battery test today!

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Truck Batteries

When choosing a truck battery, the battery price isn't the only thing you'll want to consider. Oftentimes, the least expensive battery isn't the best long-term option (unless you don't mind replacing your battery more often). These truck battery tips can help you choose the right battery for your towing, hauling, and everyday driving needs:

  • Get the correct size for your truck. Selecting a battery with the correct dimensions is essential. If you buy a battery that's too small, it will move around in the battery tray and likely come loose. If you buy a battery that's too big, the battery tray can end up rubbing the battery in all the wrong places. The outcome? You could get a hole in your battery and will likely have to replace it.
  • Check the battery terminal configuration. Batteries come in a variety of configurations. Make sure the configuration of your new truck battery matches the old battery's terminal configuration, otherwise your cables may not be long enough to reach the terminals.
  • Consult your owner's manual. When in doubt, consult your owner's manual. The vehicle manufacturer will have set specific, minimum battery requirements based on the truck's power needs. This is the minimum battery rating you should consider. If you go with a lower rating than your truck requires, you run the risk of getting stranded with a truck that won't start!  

SUV Batteries

Choosing an SUV battery isn't particularly different from choosing a car or truck battery. You'll want to ensure that the battery isn't too big or small, meets the minimum battery rating requirements for your engine, and has the same battery terminal configuration as your original battery. Once you're comparing batteries that meet these requirements, you can factor in SUV battery prices.

Where Can I Get A SUV & Truck Battery Near Me?

We're proud to carry the best battery replacement brand in the industry. Visit Firestone Complete Auto Care for SUV and light truck batteries near you and schedule a free battery test appointment online today. Or, test your car battery in an instant using the Virtual Battery Tester below!

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