Going It Alone? Don’t Leave Home Without These Four Solo Road Trip Essentials

  • Jun 26, 2021
image of woman sitting on her car watching a sunset image of woman sitting on her car watching a sunset

Nothing says freedom quite like a solo road trip. It’s time to stop sitting at home and start pursuing the adventure that’s calling you! 

But before you embark, make sure you’re fully prepared for whatever comes your way. For starters, a complete vehicle inspection is the key foundation to any long car trip. Once that’s marked off your list, it’s important to outline the essential supplies to keep on hand and the proper precautions to follow. 

Easy-To-Grab Snacks and Meals

Having easy-to-grab snacks and meals on hand will aid in the efficiency of your sprawling travels. Checking out fun restaurants and eateries will undoubtedly be a part of your trip. However, accessible sustenance is essential when you want to keep the wheels turning. 

Spare Tires

One of the few things more dangerous than a ravenous appetite on the road is going without a spare tire on your solo adventure. 

You never know what can happen on a solo road trip — what experiences you’ll have, people you’ll meet or sights you’ll see. Additionally, the open road can be full of surprises as well. It’s important to prepare for pitfalls, especially if you’re traveling alone. In the case of a flat, you’ll be glad you packed the right spare tire from Firestone Complete Auto Care.

First Aid Kit (For You and Your Car)

Accidents both big and small rarely come with a warning. That’s why it’s best to travel with a first aid kit filled with necessities for you and your car. 

Items like band aids, ointments, and medicine are essential in case personal injuries occur. In addition, tools like flashlights, matches, and utility knives can help in other incidents involving your vehicle and beyond and are essential tools for your summer adventure

Jumper Cables

If your battery decides to call it quits, you’ll be stuck in place instead of surveying new sites. To prevent this battery buzzkill, jumper cables are a must. 

Jumper cables are an essential item that every car should carry, no matter how long your drive is. Keep this tool in your trunk to ensure that your transportation continues to take you there.

Before You Hit The Open Road…

Whether your inspection calls for it or not, it’s always a good idea to stop by your local Firestone Complete Auto Care for an oil change and battery inspection before a long road trip. 

At Firestone Complete Auto Care, you can mark off both areas of maintenance in one convenient location. Our technicians can help you take preparedness to the next level with a new battery replacement, full service oil change, complete vehicle inspection, and more!

Let Firestone Complete Auto Care Lead the Way

Are you ready to hit the road? Go the extra mile, and have your vehicle checked out by a professional technician prior to traveling at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care! Our expert technicians can inspect your entire vehicle and ensure that you are ready for your next adventure.

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