10 Gifts Your Car Enthusiast Will Love

  • Dec 20,2016
Red truck toy carrying a christmas gift on sweet pastel retro turquoise color background. Red truck toy carrying a christmas gift on sweet pastel retro turquoise color background.

Nothing feels better than giving someone a gift you know they’ll be genuinely excited about. When their face lights up, you know your gift isn’t destined for a dusty corner in the closet! If you have a gearhead or car buff in your life, the way to their heart is through their car. Stumped on what to give them? Check out our handpicked list of ten gifts that are sure to really rev their engine this holiday season.

  • Floor mats. This might not sound like the most glamorous gift, but any car enthusiast would be thrilled to receive a set of custom, all-weather floor mats. Floor mats protect the floor of the car from the elements, grime, and general wear and tear. Jot down the make, model, and year of your loved one’s car and order them a set that will complement their vehicle's interior.
  • An emergency roadside assistance kit. There’s no better gift than the gift of safety. Give your car lover an emergency roadside assistance kit to help them out if they have a breakdown or other roadside mishap. Look for kits with things like flashlights, first aid items, a safety vest, and booster cables. Personalize it by including their favorite, non-perishable snacks. While this is one gift you hope they never have to use, your car lover will appreciate it when the unexpected occurs!
  • A model car. You can’t give your antique sports car lovin’ friend the actual car, but a model car might be the next best thing. You can find plenty of gorgeous, collectible model cars online.
  • Jumper cables. Whether you’re worried about your car lover getting stranded with a dead battery or just want to give them the opportunity to be someone else's knight in shining armor, a pair of jumper cables is a great gift idea. Pro tip: The short cables are cheaper, but the long ones can come to the rescue if the dead car and booster car can’t be parked side-by-side.
  • A road trip care package. If your loved one spends a lot of time in their car, why not surprise them with a custom road trip care package? Fill a bag or a basket with their favorite snacks, a music gift card for some new road trip tunes, a car cell phone charger, and anything else you think they’d appreciate. Have fun personalizing this gift to show the recipient how well you know them.
  • Car detailing. There’s nothing better than a sparkling clean car, so give your loved one a gift card to get their car detailed. If this is a luxury they don’t typically spend money on, it will be particularly appreciated. Or, if you’re handy (and budget-conscious), offer them an IOU for one deep cleaning. Nothing says, “I care,” like manual labor.
  • Snow scraper or sun shield. Again, these two things may not seem like the most enthralling presents, but your car lover will be thankful that you’re helping to protect their vehicle (and them) from the elements. In the winter, brushing snow off the windshield with bare hands can lead to cold, frozen fingers. And in the summer, the blazing sun can damage a vehicle's interior. When Mother Nature strikes, your friend will naturally thank you!
  • A fast lane experience. If the car enthusiast in your life loves getting behind the wheel of a fast car, look into getting them tickets for a race car driving experience! Many cities have tracks where you can learn about and drive some of the world’s coolest cars, or ride along with a professional driver.
  • Car memorabilia. No matter what kind of car they prefer, you can find memorabilia related to it. From t-shirts to coffee mugs to mouse pads, help your loved one represent their car of choice everywhere they go! You can even find car accessories related to their favorite sports team, like tires emblazoned with "University of Alabama - Crimson Tide!"
  • Gift cards for services. Nothing is more important to your car lover than taking care of their car, but that can get expensive. Give them a gift card for a service at Firestone Complete Auto Care and they’ll be incredibly grateful.
  • When you give someone a gift related to their passion, you can’t go wrong. This holiday season, give your car lover something they’ll love and definitely use by spoiling them with a gift card for a full-service oil change. If you’re feeling extra generous this year, go all out and give them a gift card for a new set of tires! Pop in to your local Firestone Complete Auto Care today to grab a gift card today!

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