Top 3 Safe Driving Tips for Black Friday

  • Nov 18,2016
Red car approaching nail in road, safe driving tips from Firestone Complete Auto Care Red car approaching nail in road, safe driving tips from Firestone Complete Auto Care

Hours into the cold morning of Black Friday, people—running on nothing more than caffeine and a belly full of turkey—gather in line to wait for stores to open their doors.

With the best deals on televisions, games and more, we don’t blame them.

However, with over 70 million people out shopping the day of Black Friday, the aisles of your favorite stores aren’t the only places that get congested. The roads and parking lots do too.

According to data from Progressive Insurance, accidents increase by 34% on Black Friday. Yikes! Before you panic, there are some steps you can take to stay safe and keep your eye on the real prize…the sweet savings.

Tip #1: Go slow.

While it may seem like it’s worth the rush to get your hands on those door-buster deals, leave a few minutes early instead and pace yourself while driving. Prevent a collision both on the road and in the parking lot by driving cautiously and keeping your eyes peeled for other cars and pedestrians that may be darting through.

Tip #2: Park farther away.

Data shows that the majority of Black Friday accidents happen in the parking lot outside the store. The spots farthest away from the entrance tend to be less congested. This means less chance of an unwanted accident, or those pesky dings to your car from the carts of rushed shoppers.

Tip #3: Go for DriveGuard.

In the madness that is the busiest shopping day of the year, there is bound to be loose debris floating around that could cause a dreaded flat tire. Rather than being forced to pull off the road in the early morning hours for that 5 AM deal, go for DriveGuard tires by Bridgestone. DriveGuard tires are designed to drive safely up to 50 miles after a puncture, so you can take on Black Friday without worrying about anything other than your shopping list.

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Visit your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care location today and get a set of DriveGuard tires installed on your car. And with us, Black Friday isn't the only day you can expect to save money! We offer discounts year round. Check out our latest tire and auto service coupons to save even more, all the time!

Drive with financial flexibility. Feel confident in your auto care, and feel confident in how you pay for it. Learn more.

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