Weird Traffic Laws from Around the World

  • Aug 17,2020
Man looking confused by parking ticket Man looking confused by parking ticket

Did you know it’s against the law for camels to walk on highways in Nevada? And in Alabama, it’s illegal to wear a blindfold while driving. From silly to senseless, take a ride on the wild side while exploring the quirkiest traffic laws in the world. You never know when this knowledge may come in handy!

North America


Are you a fan of using dirty underwear to buff or dry your car? If you live in San Francisco, California, you're out of luck, because drying your car with a used pair of underwear is prohibited!

Speaking of California, Complex also reports that it’s illegal to shoot animals from your vehicle… that is, unless it’s a whale. There are plenty of weird laws in California, but even more beautifully scenic roadways. Just make sure you pack clean underwear!


Make sure your furry friends are on their best behavior in Kentucky, because the city of Louisville strictly prohibits pets from "molesting" vehicles.


You’re welcome to tie your alligator, goat, or elephant to a parking meter in Florida, but you are legally required to feed the meter first — says Spatz Law Firm.


No vehicles stand between Mainers and their coffee. According to WJBQ, it’s illegal to park in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts in South Berwick, Maine!


As reported by HowStuffWorks, it’s illegal to read a comic book while driving in Oklahoma, so you'll have to save those graphic novels for when you’re home.


It’s important to be a responsible sheep owner in Montana. In fact, The Missoulian affirms it’s illegal to drive with sheep in your truck unless they have a chaperone.


In Texarkana, Texas, you’re perfectly welcome to get places by horse at night, but only if your noble steed is outfitted with tail lights. The Houston Chronicle even details the account of a hungry cowboy who received a ticket for riding his tail light-less horse to Taco Bell!


In Ontario, Canada, “no person shall race or drive furiously any horse or other animal on a highway.” So, even if that moose was daring your one-horse open sleigh to race, you’ve got to refuse. Speaking of these massive antlered animals… non-Canucks traveling through Canada will likely also spot some “weird” road signs, like warnings of moose crossings and snowmobiles!

Goauto also reports that although you are allowed to dash through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh in Ontario, you may only do so if you’ve got at least two bells attached to either the harness or sleigh “as to give ample warning sound.”


If you’re driving a taxi in Montreal, there’s no such thing as Casual Friday. Cab drivers are required to wear “clean white shirts and long black pants” whenever they’re on the job. As reported by CBC, some drivers have even fought this bylaw in court!

Around the World


Russia’s capital city takes cleanliness very seriously. As per Lonely Planet’s blog, drivers can actually be fined for having a dirty car in Moscow!


Don’t forget your top before heading into Thailand traffic! It’s illegal for anyone to travel topless in the Land of Smiles, regardless of vehicle type.


Wallet, phone, keys… breathalyzer? In France, all drivers are legally required to drive with their own personal breathalyzers as the country cracks down on impaired driving, says BBC.


The Daily Mail warns that, when in Japan, you can receive a fine for splashing water or mud on pedestrians. If you’ve ever been one of those miserable, soaked pedestrians, you understand why this law exists.

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