Want the Chance to Win a Free Car? Get a Free Battery Test!

  • Oct 10,2018
Want the Chance to Win a Free Car? Get a Free Battery Test! Want the Chance to Win a Free Car? Get a Free Battery Test!

There's nothing better than the smell of a new car, and nothing worse than a dead battery. Want to get one and avoid the other? Then enter our free car sweepstakes!

Visit Firestone Complete Auto Care between October 4 and November 5, 2018, and get a free battery test. Then enter for the chance to win your choice of a brand new Chevy Silverado, Tahoe, or Malibu!

How do I enter the free car sweepstakes?

It’s as easy as it sounds! If you’re a U.S. citizen over the age of 18, just follow these three simple steps:

  • Bring your car to Firestone Complete Auto Care.
  • Get a free battery test. Save your paperwork.
  • Go online and enter for your chance to win a free* car! No purchase necessary.

You have until November 5, 2018, to stop by for a free battery test and enter for your chance to win.

Wait, what’s a battery test?

Not everyone has heard of car battery tests, and that’s okay! During a battery test, a qualified technician will use an Early Detection Analyzer to determine your car battery’s strength, predict the low or high temperature that may cause your car battery to fail, and give you an idea of how much charge is left in your car battery.

But why bother with a battery test?

Your battery is your car’s “get up and go.” Without a solid battery supported by strong electrical systems, your car isn’t going anywhere.

A battery test can identify symptoms of battery failure and help prevent unexpected breakdowns. It’s a simple test, but it can do a lot of good.

So, how often do I need a battery test?

The average car battery lasts about four and half years. While some manufacturers recommend getting your battery tested at least twice a year, we recommend getting a free battery test with every oil change. Get a test sooner if you notice any of the following signs your battery may be failing:

  • You’ve had to jump your battery more than once within the past month.
  • Something smells like rotten eggs under the hood.
  • Your engine only starts after multiple attempts.
  • The check engine light is on.
  • Your battery looks swollen or misshapen.

Find a Firestone Complete Auto Care near you and stop by for your free battery test today. This is your chance to get ahead of a dead battery and enter to win a free car! What are you waiting for?

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to U.S. citizens, 18+ with valid driver’s license. Enter at www.FreeTestFreeCar.com. *Subject to Official Rules at website. ©2018 Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC. All rights reserved. Valid at participating Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tires Plus, Hibdon Tires Plus, Michel Tires Plus and Wheel Works stores.

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